College Portfolio


I received a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts (majoring in graphic design) from Robert Morris University, in Moon Township, PA. While my area of expertise was always art, learning design helped me refine my style and process. I also learned quite a bit about web design from various internships. See my resume for my whole skill set.

I never saw myself going to college for anything art related, as I didn’t want to make an occupation out of it. However, I truly could not see myself doing much of anything else, once I began college. During my first semester as a business major, I decided that I had to pursue art. I didn’t want my talents to go to waste.


Below is my college portfolio. I have chosen select pieces that show the versatility of my skill set. Keep in mind that I can do much more than what is displayed in this portfolio. Click on a design to view at a larger size. Most projects have a separate page that displays my process; including sketches, thoughts, ideation, mockups, etc. Once you are viewing a design, click on the link within the description to learn more.