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What is SerpaDesign

SerpaDesign is a creative platform in which I showcase my work and ideas. The current line up consists of personal work, school projects, photography, multimedia and paintings. With various tools at my disposal, my intent is to create work that creatively reflects my worldview.



Traditional art is my forte and what began this endeavor. I studied fine arts at Moon Area School District where I was able to hone in on my skills while experimenting with various mediums. The problem is… I enjoy working with whatever is available! Upon graduating high school, I received the Most Artistic – Class of 2011 Award.

After graduating high school, I furthered my education at Robert Morris University where I received the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts; majoring in graphic design. Being that I was tech savvy from a very young age, it was a perfect fit. While at RMU my skill set was broadened and my style was refined.

During my study at RMU I won several awards and participated some exhibitions including…

  • Best in Foundations Award (4th Annual RMU Gold Show – 2013)
  • Best In Graphic Design Award (5th Annual RMU Gold Show – 2014)
  • Work exhibited in the 6th Annual RMU Gold Show – 2015
  • Work exhibited in the competitively selected RMU “U” show(s) – Fall 2013 and 2014.
  • Selected for the Media Arts Community Design Workshop for skill, knowledge & dependable reputation – 2014
  • Work displayed at the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial – 2014


Skill Set

This list is by no means all inclusive, but my general skill set includes digital illustration, hand lettering, identity design, layout design, silk screen printing, video production and photo restoration. While my skills of expertise include graphic design, traditional art mediums, photography and web design. Really if it’s something creative I can do it or learn how to.



Some use their abilities for gain, some for expression, while others for pride. Finding an activity that you enjoy and being humble is my motto. It took me a long time to realize that artistic abilities are God given. My advise to an up and coming artist is to count your blessing and count them twice! The Lord gives us all good things and He can take them away just as easily. Don’t take anything you have for granted by thinking that you are above it all.

Tanner M. Serpa

Tanner M. Serpa

Tanner Serpa

Photo courtesy of Jenna Hidinger

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